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Minter Capital is an Australian proprietary trading firm based in Sydney specialising in futures trading. It is part of the Genesis Proprietary Trading family and shares the same trading floor with many of Genesis’s senior traders and mentors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, 24-hour broking desk and most importantly is backed by one of the largest and leading proprietary trading firms in Australia.


Our Mission


Our mission is to find and nurture new talent to become successful traders. We provide training, mentoring, infrastructure and capital to traders, teach them our proven trading strategies and equip them with the skills and knowledge to survive and succeed in today's changing market. 

Working with us


At Minter Capital, you will feel at home with like-minded traders and dedicated mentors. We work unbound by convention and rely on proven strategies to thrive in today’s market. Our training program is more than just theory. It is run by successful traders who are actively trading. Everything you learn is tested and relevant.

We encourage you to watch the following Chat With Traders interview with our Head of Trading Jack Ma to understand more about our trading style, philosophy as well as the daily life of a proprietary trader.



Junior traders will receive ongoing coaching and mentoring from senior traders who are currently trading and are highly profitable



We embrace the concept of trading as a team and have a very open culture around sharing ideas and discussing trades

What sets us apart

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