What is proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading means trading on behalf of the firm and risking the firm’s own capital. We do not have clients and thus generate profits from assuming risk, as opposed to earning commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients.

Can I trade remotely?

Yes, however this is granted based on the trader’s progression. New traders are expected to trade in the head office full-time.

Can I lose money?

Minter Capital will absorb all net trading losses. Traders will have risk limits they need to adhere to, which we will increase as the trader develops.

What can I trade?

At Minter Capital we specialise in trading futures. New traders will initially be focussed on trading outright and spread strategies in the Australian interest rate futures markets. However, as traders develop, they will be able to expand into other futures markets such as global interest rate futures, index futures and currency futures.

What does the training program involve?

The training is in two parts, education and practice. We will run courses at the head office which will teach you interest rate economics, trading fundamentals, risk management, trading psychology and proprietary trading strategies. We will also set you up to practice what you’ve learnt through a demo account. After 4 weeks, those who demonstrate strong motivation and solid trading fundamentals may be offered a contract to trade for Minter Capital.

How much does the training program cost?

The training program was developed by highly profitable traders and mentors and contains interest rate economics, trading fundamentals, risk management, trading psychology and proprietary trading strategies. That being said, the training program is absolutely free. We are not in the business of selling trading courses. We are in the business of finding and developing traders.

How much can I make?

Once a trader is offered a contract, remuneration is by way of generous profit split. As traders generate profits, this is split between the trader and the house. There is no ceiling, no reliance on someone else’s opinion, just a straightforward split. You reap what you sow.

What does it take to be a successful trader?

Trading isn’t easy, it is reserved only for those who embodies the willpower, tenacity and grit to make it through the learning curve. Whilst talent is a factor, hardwork is critical. We find the most successful traders typically show the following traits: the mentality to constantly improve and the ability to handle losses/setbacks.

Myths about trading

Day trading is not about a perfect winning system, indicator or pattern. It is about skill, and just like a professional sport, you need to deliberately practice and train your skill whether it is market reading, execution or mental skills. In the beginning, most traders will make mistakes and losses are a normal part of a junior trader’s career whilst they are perfecting their edge. Here at Minter Capital all of our mentors have been there and done that, and can share valuable insights along this journey.

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